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Bingo Blitz: BLACKOUT FULL ROOM ITEMS**Tips & Tricks**

Bingo Blitz Bug

Bingo Blitz Bug

Coins and Credits Generator

Bingo Blitz: BLACKOUT FULL ROOM ITEMS**Tips & Tricks**

Thats a New Video with ALL the BO Items…
i will try explaining some tips for it and my method of Playing BO.

1-CANDLE: TRICK: Double-Stars. When i got the Double Stars, i just Held it till the End.This Way i have Better Chances to Finsih Before others,When i am 2 numbers away from Full Card,Then i use the DOUBLE STARS.(NB: Stars Dont Daub Numbers With Coins or Chest on them).

2-FLASHLIGHT: TRICK: Also Double-Stars. Just Hold till the Very End,When you are 2 numbers away from finishing the Card.

3-LIGHTER: TRICK: Double-Stars Also!!

4-LANTERN: TRICK: PRE-DAUBING the Number. This Way you will Hit it before its Been Called by the Caller, and you will Gain a Precious 1 Second…

5-GLOWSTICKS: TRICK:After Third Powerup,Its Better You Keep Also the STAR…to use it at the end..Not effective like the DOUBLE STARS..But Still Better Than Nothing.

6-PRISM:TRICK: PRE-DAUBING the NUMBER.i Hit the number Almost A Second before the Caller Calls it!


8-HELMET:TRICK: PRE-DAUBING (for the 41),Then DOUBLE-STAR for the End.



I Buy 1 CARD,its Also easy to Concentrate,Also its The Cheapest Way to get Rid of Powerups(Except the INSTANT)which is a GOOD THING. it will cost you only 4 credits to get rid of 7 to 8 Powerups.

I Hope You like My Video on BO.

This is A Cool Way to save time on How to get A Player full name and picture…if you want to add him,or even warn your friends about him if he is being bad on chat and in room.

1- You Block Player
2- you go to Chat Setting(Click Block list)
3-Go To Last name in That List(that will be the last player you have blocked)
4-as a BONUS also you get to see His Profile Picture:)

I Hope You Like My NEW TRICK.

Credits & Coins plays very important part in the game, and you will need to keep this thing in mind. Using Bingo Blitz Free Coins can help the gamers to make big amounts of Credits & Coins quickly to make progress in the Bingo Blitz.

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Wish you enjoy my gameplay guys. Thank you for watching and hopefully you also like and subscribe my channel. I love you all guys 🥰😘😍
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How to win 107,000 credits 😱 in Bingo Blitz !!!!! play like a pro !

bingo blitz strategy

bingo blitz strategy

Coins and Credits Generator

#bingo blitz
Bingo blitz tips
How to win unlimited credits !!
Playing bingo blitz
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Credits engage in a vital part in the game, and you may need to keep this thing in mind. The use of Bingo Blitz Free Coins can help the gamers to gain unlimited Credits instantly to win the game.

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How to re approve permissions on Facebook

Bingo Blitz Fix

Bingo Blitz Fix

Coins and Credits Generator

This tutorial is very handy for those of you who found themselves unable to see their friends list on Facebook or that cannot use any other Facebook related functionality within our app.
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Bingo Blitz Ongoing Problem

Bingo Blitz on Facebook are aware of problem, yet refuse to solve it, problem first reported 30 days ago.

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