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Is Bingo Cafe legit? A lot of my friends ask me this question, so I decided to make a video for anyone else who might want to know. The short answer is YES.

Keep reading for a minute and I’ll tell you all about them.

I’ve been playing bingo and slots online for over half a decade now. I must have joined every site going, too. What I’ve found out is that there are a handful of good sites and a ton of bad ones. So, after all these years, I stick to the good ones and I do pretty well with them each week.

Bingo Cafe is one of the good ones. And I’m happy to recommend it to friends and family and anyone else.

But let me tell you WHY it’s good.

Whenever I think about joining any new bingo site, the first thing I always ask is this: what kind of deposit bonus do they have? A good bonus lets me get a feel for the new site. Well here you get a decent bonus. It changes from time to time, but it’s anywhere from £10 to £20 on signup.

The second thing I ask is, do they pay? It’s all very well offering bonuses and decent jackpots, but it means nothing if you can’t get your hands on any of it.

So, when you’re asking, ” . . . is Bingo Cafe legit?,” you’re really asking, “Do they pay?”

The answer is yes.

In all the time I’ve played there, I’ve never known anyone not to get paid; and myself and a lot of my friends are playing there throughout the week. I post on numerous bingo forums, and I’m in bingo chat rooms most nights, so if anyone can answer this question, it’s me. They definitely pay.

But don’t leave just yet. I might be able to help you win a little more than usual. I can also tell you about my winnings with
Bingo Cafe. It might help you win, too.

When I started out playing bingo online, I’d just join up to a site and play. I didn’t care which site it was. And I was never switched on enough to ask questions like, is Bingo Cafe legit? I just wanted to play. Nowadays, I still want to play, BUT . . . I want to win even more. What I find helpful is seeing where everyone else is winning. And I can help you there.

I play online bingo most evenings. Not just Bingo Cafe, but almost a dozen others. To let friends and family know how I do, I list where I’m doing the best on any given day, AND where you can get the best deals. The deals change from day to day, so it’s good to know.

So . . .

Stop by my page (mentioned in the movie above). It lists the bingo and slots sites where I’m doing the best. You’ll see where Bingo Cafe is ranked AND see their latest signup bonus. The current bonus for Bingo Cafe is huge. No idea how long it will last, so check out my page for info as soon as you can.

So, is Bingo Cafe legit? It most certainly is.

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